Lenten Meditations


lenten meditations 2014 final3online-page-0Introduction from Father Lance:

Dear Friends in Christ
 Once again I’m delighted to introduce our Lenten Book of meditations.  There are many resources available as aids and guides as we journey through these 40 days to our celebration of the Resurrection.  Most of them are excellent, but I am so pleased that here at Good Shepherd, we produce our own.
 I thank everyone who gave of their time and talent to produce this work.  As members of the Body of Christ, we are a gift to one another.  One of the ways that we learn and grow is the sharing of insights and reflections on spirituality.  Each is unique as each person has their own unique and God given gifts.
 Many have entered into the Biblical narrative and through prayer and meditation have shared their thoughts and wisdom in these pages.  Others have offered their talent for art; still others have given us food for thought based on the season itself.  We are enriched by their sharing. 
 What a gift and joy that our Living God still speaks to us all in so many ways.  Here especially, God speaks to us through the Word and through His Beloved, the authors of each of these meditations.
 I have many metaphors for this booklet.  This year I am reminded of a living quilt made up of the sharing in these pages.  Each reflection is from the well of life experience and knowledge.  Put together in this work it can be for us a quilt of comfort, hope, meaning, direction, and love as we enter Lent.
 The word Lent, of course, means spring.  After such a long and hard winter season, all look forward to spring, but let us be reminded that it is only through the dead of winter comes spring and it is only through death that we come to eternal and glorious new life.  A life promised in the Resurrection.
Special thanks to Patti who lovingly produces this book.  We are blessed by her presence and her talent.
 Now let us begin this time traveling to Easter morning.  An honor and privilege to take this journey with you. 

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